As we know Phones have had a monopoly over the past half-decade. They are used not only for calls and texting but they are getting more advanced like an all-capable device that can do anything. Phones can run apps, surf the internet, video call, and provide business help and more. Windows 10 mobile phone is ready to be launched in upcoming months.

Rumors are spreading that Microsoft has finally announced the when it will be undulating out the newest version of Windows. Yes, they say July 29th will be the big day for Microsoft as they are going to release Windows 10 on it.

Windows 10 Mobile Features and News:

Actually, Windows 10 Mobile is the most recent often-changing name of Microsoft’s phone and tablet operating system. It is said that it’s not coming alone. It is formerly known as Windows Phone 10 and then Windows 10 for phones. It will bring some friends or rivals, with Android and iOS app compatibility. This phone will have easy port for app developers because more apps will run on Windows 10 Mobile devices.Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft has a goal and grand vision of having Windows 10 on one billion devices in two to three years. It will be a big help to increase its Lumia phone sales by providing the free Windows 10 download for all W8.1 devices. Every device which is running with Windows Phone 8.1 will be updated to Windows 10 in time. According to Microsoft, it will update all the devices. After many months of rumors and conjecture Windows 10 Mobile has been officially unveiled by Microsoft.


Windows 10 Mobile Features and News:

Now, it looks like that it’s Microsoft’s turn. After many years of relative gloominess in the world of smart phones, Windows Phone with good ideas and positive reviews never got commercial success. Hence, Redmond decided to take a different direction: Microsoft incorporates its weakest asset into the biggest and it has now become Windows.

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