What to expect at Apple’s press event tomorrow


After a plethora of leaks and rumors being spread across the internet throughout this past year and with the “Gather round” launch event being held by Apple in Cupertino just a few hours away from us, here’s what to finally expect tomorrow.

iPads to get USB Type C

It appears to be that all of the new 2018 iPad models that will be announced at the event tomorrow will come with USB Type C ports instead of the old lightning ports apple has been pushing at us for quite some time now. This is particularly good news as it confirms the addition of fast charging as a feature on the new iPads as well, to which we can expect Apple to include the rumored 18W fast charging power adapter in the iPad box. While it might still be long before Apple implements USB Type C into iPhones, which has been the dream of iPhone users for quite some time now, it will be a very nice feature and a big selling point to see USB C finally come to the iPad.

Apple Watch Series 4

For starters we might be getting a larger watchface with narrower bezels. This results to the new Watch coming in different larger sizes than before. Aside from having said to have a faster processor, a much crisper high res display and the new WatchOS 5, every model of the Apple Watch Series 4 is expected to get ceramic backs as opposed to the composite backs on the regular models on the previous Apple Watches. Not only this it is expected that the new Apple Watch has been fitted with an EKG – Electrocardiogram essentially improving the Health features significantly.

iPhones Galore

iphoneXs image

While the naming for the new iPhone models has been all over the place, things may have finally been settled. As reported by Bloomberg Apple may instead be naming its Budget 6.1″ LCD phone as the iPhone XR – which could be potentially priced at $699, as opposed to being named the iPhone 9 or even the iPhone XC. Along with this we should expect Apple to release two more higher end more ‘Polished’ models, the first one being the iPhone XS which might actually start at a hundred dollars cheaper than last year’s iPhone X, and finally the second one being the iPhone XS max – the powerhouse gigantic big brother iPhone Xs model with a larger screen and battery everyone’s been excited for. To view the iPhone XS and XS Max concept review trailer, click here.

Further more along with a new MacBook and a potential iMac we might get to see a new 12″ MacBook in replacement for the 11″ MacBook air. Along with this it is rumored that as users bid farewell to the touch bar on the 12″ MacBook, there may be a possibility that the new MacBook comes with TouchID capabilities. The Apple charging mat which will be called the AirPower is also rumored to be launched beside all of the new tech at the event.

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