Watch TV shows and Movies on Android for Free

When your smart phone has everything you need why wouldn’t you want to utilize it in the best way possible? You can easily go to the cinema to watch a movie, but how many movies can you watch like this? And what about the TV shows which you cannot follow at their air time? That is when you want to get everything in your phone and watch it whenever you want. Your favorite TV shows and movies will be a click away. There are apps that can give you this advantage but you will have to pay for that first like Netflex. You need to discover free apps that can give you what you want in your phone. Some free apps to watch TV shows and movies on Android:

Watch TV shows and Movies on Android for Free:

  1. Hulu Hulu was recently launched on Android as well, giving the users free access to a lot of stuff. Users can watch the premium movies and TV shows without paying a single penny. However to get more out of Hulu the users must pay $7.99 per month. But users can keep on enjoying without paying as well with the stuff that is available without a subscription fee.
  2. Crackle Crackle is another very famous free to watch free TV shows and movies on android. The app was later purchased by Sony and provides with a fantastic collection of content you are looking for.Watch Free Video on Android
  3. iPlayer iPlayer is an awesome app to watch movies, however it doesn’t have an archived list but you can watch all the BBC programs of last 30 days.
  4. 4oD This is another app that offers free streaming of your favorite media content. It is pretty famous among the users of Mac, Windows and console; soon it will also turn up its popularity on smart phones as well.
  5. Demand 5 and SPB TV are also the best apps to watch free TV shows and movies on Android. These are the wonderful platforms that can be used by the people to enjoy without payment.

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