Very Useful Android Tips for Google Hangouts

Google hangout still seems to be in process at times but it has come too far with its services. Google has mainly only Hangouts as the messaging program which anyone can use if they have web, iOS or Android. News for the smart phone users is that it can easily and efficiently manage the text messages in your smart phones. Click here to read Google Play Store Tips and and Google Chromecast. Some effective and useful tips for Google hangouts are presented below.

Very Useful Android Tips for Google Hangouts:

  • Hide private content: sometimes you do not have the phone with you in fact your smart phone is in someone else hand and if you receive a text message or viber or whats-app message it appears on the screen even if it is locked. People are not comfortable with this obviously so in order to never see this problem on Lollipop again: You need to go the settings in your phone and there go to where you see notifications and sounds. After that all you have to do is tap on the app notifications then hangouts and eventually you will see sensitive switch which you toggle as you like.
  • Snooze notifications: another tip for Google Hangouts is when you are in no mood to check the notifications you will not want to get disturbed by constant updates to your phone. For example when you go to bed, go to a cinema or go to a meeting. All you have to do is go to the main menu an there select snooze notifications. You can also choose the button that says Do not Disturb and that can be set for an hour and even for 3 days.
  • Deleting old messages: hangouts tend to automatically save the messages as another copy as it might prove to be helpful if ever needed. If you feel like deleting it yourself then it is super easy. Go to the menu press the dots you see and there all you are to do is switch off the history so that your messages get deleted after a while.
  • Send messages: when you want to send message to more than one person you can simply go the messages and start entering your circle after pressing the plus button which is in the right side.

    Google Hangout Tips
    Google Hangout Tips
  • The above tips for Google Hangouts can make a difference the way you use it on your device. Hope it helps everyone!

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