Verizon is Giving 15GB of Free Data to Wireless Consumers and Small Business Customers

Verizon has announced that it’s giving 15GB of free high speed data to wireless consumers and small business customers for use between March 25 and April 30. Additionally, the company has announced that it is waiving overage charges and late fees. Previously, the company pledged to not terminate service of customers during the coronavirus epidemic.

Verizon’s relief efforts to help customers stay connected include the following: waived late fees and overage charges for residential and small business customers impacted by COVID-19, free international calling for consumer wireless and home voice customers to CDC level 3 countries, unlimited domestic calling for wireless consumers on limited-minute plans, waived activation fees on new wireless lines of service and upgrades, additional 15GB of high speed data automatically added for wireless consumer and small business customers, and a new affordable Fios Home Internet option for low-income households.

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New internet option for low-income households
To help families during this time of need, today Verizon announced plans for a discount program on Fios broadband plans for qualified new low-income customers and two months waived service charges for current Verizon customers that are part of the Lifeline discount program.

To help existing Lifeline customers, Verizon will waive the next two billing cycles of Lifeline-qualified home service charges across both home broadband and home voice. To be eligible, you must have a Lifeline discount on a broadband or home voice line of service as of March 20, 2020.

In addition, on April 3, we’re making a new broadband discount program available to new Fios Internet customers who qualify through the Lifeline program. Customers may select any Verizon Fios speed in our Mix & Match plans and receive a $20 discount per month. That means new customers can get Fios Home Internet 200/200Mbps service for just $19.99/mo, with Disney+ on us for one year and the first two months of their router rental charge waived. Customers will also qualify for any additional promotions available for new Fios Home Internet subscribers.

As part of this new program, eligible new customers can receive:
● $20 off any Fios Home Internet Mix & Match plan, as reflected below with discounts applied:
○ 200/200 Mbps for $19.99/mo
○ 400/400 Mbps for $39.99/mo
○ Gigabit Connection for $59.99/mo (includes Fios router)
● Router rental charge waived for 60 days as part of the Verizon COVID-19 response (customers may also choose to buy or bring their own router).
● One year of Disney+ on us.
● Any additional in-market offers for new Fios customers at time of purchase, including gift cards, content or equipment.
● Mobile + Home Rewards benefits: customers with Verizon postpaid mobile service can enroll through Verizon Up for additional benefits and discounts.

To learn more about Verizon’s Lifeline program or apply, visit our Lifeline page here.

15GB of high speed data for wireless consumer and small business customers
From March 25 through April 30, wireless consumer and small business customers will see an additional 15GB of data added to their plan for no additional charge. New consumer and business customers can also take advantage of this additional data.

● For Verizon consumer and small business postpaid unlimited customers, 15GB of 4G LTE hotspot data will be added to your current plan.
● For Verizon consumer prepaid and consumer and small business postpaid metered customers, 15GB will be added to your current standalone or shared data plan, which can be used for smartphone, hotspot or other connected device use.
● Standalone metered and unlimited Jetpack plans will also be provided an additional 15GB of 4G LTE data.

There is no action needed as the data will automatically be added to your plan.

All consumer wireless plans available since 2015 are eligible for this data boost, including More Everything, Verizon Plan 1.0, Verizon Plan 2.0, the Verizon Unlimited Plan and all Mix & Match Unlimited plans. For small business customers of 50 lines or less, plans eligible for the data boost include, More Everything, Verizon Plan 1.0, Verizon Plan 2.0, New Verizon Plan for Business, Flexible Business, the Verizon Unlimited Plan and all Business Unlimited plans.

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Verizon is Giving 15GB of Free Data to Wireless Consumers and Small Business Customers

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