Largan Precision, which is a major supplier of the iPhone’s lens modules, is looking forward to adopting Triple-Lens camera in smartphones

DigiTimes reports that Largan seems to be willing to expand its production capacity, even though there has been a loss of profit due to a reduced iPhone sale.

As reported by DigiTimes:

Among lens module makers, Largan stands a better chance of obtaining orders for 3-lens modules in 2019 due to competitiveness enabled by its economy of scale and technological capability.

The shipment of periscope lens modules and lens modules consisting of seven plastic lens pieces has begun by Largan, and the company currently is waiting to receive orders for in-panel optical fingerprint-recognition lens modules and 3D sensing lenses.

Triple-Lens Camera

Concept Triple-Lens


Largan has taken the superior step and has become a lens module supplier for China-based smartphone companies, including Huawei, Oppo and Vivo, as well as the Korean based comapny Samsung.


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