TPSIM Unlock iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S

Click below link to get the TPSIM unlock for iphone 4s/4. China dev team has released TPSIM (tp sim) that is used to unlock iphone 4S and unlock iphone 4. This tpsim is same like the Gevey SIM but there is a difference that TP SIM does not require emergency call for activating the unlock after it is inserted. This unlock for iPhone 4S is at the pre-order stage and the availability is limited, which will start in the last week of February 2012.

TPSIM unlock is plug and play therefore no jailbreak is required, you don’t need to dial 112 to activate after the first time initialization. TPSIM iphone 4s unlock supports 3G, EDGE, MMS and Facetime. Supported basebands for iPhone 4S are 1.0.11, 1.0.13 and 1.0.14.  Also supports iPhone 4 unlock  baseband 1.59.00, 2.10.04, 3.10.01, 4.10.01. TPSIM unlock does not supports to unlock iphone 4 at baseband 4.11.08. Since this unlock does not require jailbreaking or any other hardware alteration or modification therefore this will not affect your warranty. TPSIM unlock works for all worldwide networks. TPSIM is equipped with high performance original F981 chip which operates on ultra-low voltage
This iphone 4S and iphone 4 unlock is available @ $ 84.95 and the price includes standard shipping all over the World, you can visit this link for TPSIM download.

You can visit this link if you want to unlock your iphone free for using Ultrasn0w.

You can watch below video how the Unlock for iphone 4S works.

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