Top Tips to Be an Android Pro

Almost a good majority of people have an android phone in their hands; which some know how to use like an expert and some just have it for the sake of having a smart phone. You should know inside out of the device you are using to be an expert in using it. The ease you will feel then is unexplained. Android users should know more about what can make their phone even better and what they need to learn. These are a few top tips to be an android pro. Read what are the Tips for Twitter on Android.


Top Tips to Be an Android Pro:

  • Link up A pro would link and connect their smart phone to everything possible. You should be able to use your device or PC for the similar things; you never know when you might need to. Whether it’s sending emails or SMS on PC, answering whatsapp messages or sharing files and folders between the devices. All you need to do is install Pushbullet app in your devices to make your life easier. Install it in your phone as well as your PC, this is something expected to be done by an android expert. You keep both the device in use according to your convenience. Try it!
  • What is more to top tips to be an android pro? Become pro to your audio experience Almost all the smart phones lack the perfect sound of music in the speakers, no matter how expensive your earphones are or how good are the Bluetooth speakers. The sound quality always lacks the richness and smoothness in the audio. Go to the audio settings, and tap equalizer. Now control your music quality by managing the EQ settings. For example if you like more bass in the music then the EQ should be around 60-200 Hz.
  • An android pro usually would not need to go the browser to open their favorite website. In fact they pin down it to the home screen as a short cut and then it is just a click away for them.
  • Also, apps which are pre installed and you never need to use can be deleted too as it is simply taking up space and memory in your phone. Uninstall the apps or deactivate them. If they cannot be deleted then you can have better access rooting the device.
  • Hope you have learned the top tips to be an android pro successfully, good luck with it!

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