Top 5 Tips for Google Chromecast

Google chromecast was released back in 2013. This stick is a big technological advancement which helps to move the content from one device to another pretty effortlessly. The Google chromecast has been the famous one among the users of every age group. You can learn several tips for Google Chromecast here.

 Tips for Google Chromecast:

  1. There is guest mode which is offered in the stick which enables your friends to send content as well. Moreover to get connected with the same stick, the other person should be enabled on the same wifi as well. Go to the menu of Google chromecast and there select devices. After that you are required to go to the cog icon and there finally select the guest mode. The guest mode is still not working on all the devices with iOS. Once you turn the switch to On on the menu, you will now connect other guests to your stick through a PIN code provided.
  2. When your Google chromecast is not in use you will see several different changing wallpapers on the screen which is extracted from several sources. In case you like a certain picture for a wallpaper open up the Google searches and get the same picture on the wallpapers.
  3. Another Google chromecast tip is to set the pictures from your own selection. It often happens that you may not like any wallpaper from the outer resources. Go to the devices option and after that cog icon. Again, click the background and there you will swipe the switch on button to the position of ON for the personal pictures.Tips for Google Chromecast
  4. To avoid any confusion, it is advised to form a separate folder album on your Google account for Google chromecast.
  5. You can also enjoy many android apps on the Google Chromecast. Simply when you search look for the Chromecast icon somewhere around to be sure if the app is compatible.
  6. Although, Google Chromecast is a smooth app, but it may misbehave you never know. To overcome this problem you can reset your Google chromecast to get the things in proper shape again. These are a few tips for your Google Chromecast that will help you through it.

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