The phone has been evolving since 21st century. Every year some new phone is released with more advanced functions. The journey of phones started from black and white screens to touch screens and sensors which can even sense our heart beat. There is no doubt that wireless technology has been rapidly advancing at a faster rate for last ten years. Expected Features in upcoming smartphones are discussed today or we can say how to make smartphone more smarter in future.

Now days, smart phones are so powerful because they are more multifaceted to computers. Whether it is octa-core processors, Quad HD screens, GBs of RAM, you can get it everything in your Smartphone but despite of all such features still there’s something which we miss in our smart phones. They are compatible but not durable and exclusive like old phones.


Top 5 Expected features in upcoming Smartphones:Advanced Smartphones Features


1. Exclusive and unique Designs

As I remember, in good-old days phones were used to come in all size and shapes but smart phones lack such uniqueness and exclusiveness. Every smart phone can be called a bar, clamshell, flip or Slide. All smart phones look like similar slab of glass. There is no variation.


2. Durability and sturdiness

We were in habit of dropping phone five times a day when we had older phones. They were more elastic and durable but now days we keep our phones like some Holy thing. Every time we need to care about our Smartphone like a small baby because of its sensitive screen and touch system. These are some other expected features in upcoming smartphones to make them more smart.


3. It lacks Lanyard

Every time we keep our phone in plenty of designed covers for protection. Our smart phone’s manufacturers have forgotten about one protection thing. Yes, Lanyard can protect your phone .When it comes to protecting your phone, lanyards was used to protect older phones but our smart phones have no such protection thing.Advanced Smartphones Features

4. Fun with FM Transmitter

We really miss the use of FM transmitter feature in our phones through which we were used to beam the songs stored on your phones on a certain radio frequency. Through it any radio or stereo player could then tune into it. It was used to come-in handy in cars.

5. Good Battery Life of old phones

We remember that we were never used to carry power banks in those good-old days because our old phones had good battery timings. Those phones had limited features, that is why they were used to consume less battery and phone battery was used to last for multiple days. Nowadays with smart phones battery getting through a single day is a big deal. When we have such expected features in upcoming mobile phones then we will use our smartphones more effectively.

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