Top 10 Apps For Android and Chrome Together

Android and Google continues the effort of working together with the operating system for a better future. With the passing time technology is crossing higher levels to satisfy its customer in the best way possible. When it comes to connecting android with the world of desktop there is a list of apps that we recommend you to use.

Top 10 Apps For Android and Chrome Together:

  1. CloudMagic: this is actually a magic app for all the users of android and Chrome OS users. People can use this application to keep tabs on several email id accounts being inside one single application. Cloud-magic runs very smoothly and has a very clean and clear interface.
  2. You can also use Evernote on your chromebook very smoothly now. If you are a fan of android as well as Google this is the best app you can enjoy. If you wish to get evernote’s app you can easily grab it from Chrome Webstore.
  3. Mobile app is more focused on videos as compared to apps through the web version. Yes we are talking about Vine application which gives the best combination between android and Chromebook.

    Android and Chrome apps
    Android and Chrome apps
  4. Skype is another application which we all know about. An app which connects people all around the world through free instant messages, video and audio calling.
  5. Then it’s the Tapatalk app that works well on the Chrome book and can give you time free for yourself.
  6. Overdrive is an app that makes you enjoy book reading as never before and the users who are a fan of android and chrome can enjoy this to the fullest. Easily browsing a number of TV shows through the app is made easy now.
  7. Duolingo, slideshare, iAnnotate and photo editor, 4 more android apps that the users can have fun with on Chrome OS. You can use a number of tools to edit your pictures just the way you like through Photo editor.

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