Tips to Save Battery Life of Smart Phones

Battery is a feature which holds high importance when a person has to buy a new smart phone. Handsets that have poor battery life can never turn out to be a big hit for a long period of time. A good smart phone should proud the user with ample of battery life to go through the day without straining their minds to charge the phone again and again. There are some tips to save battery life that can prove to be very useful.

Tips to Save Battery Life of Smart Phones:

  1. Try to eliminate setting bright wallpapers. It requires more battery to illuminate the colors therefore a wallpaper with darker colors can improve the battery life of your smart phone.
  2. When you install different applications you should always try to keep the back ground darker. For example, Adobe Acrobat application is used for PDF purposes; you can always switch to night mode when using the app.
  3. Another useful tip to save battery life is to keep the vibration switched off. You can keep your cell phone in mute mode to save the consumption of battery.Battery Life Tips
  4. When you tend to sleep or not use your smart phone, make sure you switch off wifi and also the mobile data mode to avoid unnecessary notifications that can drain the battery in no time. Use 3G only when needed then switch it off immediately. Also do not keep your Bluetooth on when it is not in use.
  5. You can also do this with one touch. Simply enable the power saver mode to slow down the process of battery consumption.
  6. Never keep the update of applications on automatic setting s. This drains your battery without you even being aware of it. Update it with your own consent manually whenever you wish to.These are a few tips to save the battery life of your smart phone. You can learn more if you keep discovering what is causing your to drain quickly.

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