Twitter is known to be the second most popular social media networking platform after the popular application Facebook. It has over 302 million monthly activators and over 500 million tweets are sent on the app every single day. Just imagine the popularity by these statistics. There are millions of twitter users and more are counting in as new users. There are some tips for Twitter android to get you the expertise of using the platform. You may also interested to read how to turn off auto playing of videos on twitter.

Tips for Twitter on Android:

  1. Image reviews People who prefer more place for their twitter display they might want to remove the thumbnail image from their twitter. Whenever you get a tweet or attached to one, there is a image that appears on then timeline taking up much of the place if you have several such tweets. Here is a tip for Twitter for android. In order to fix this, you are required to select the menu of Twitter and there choose settings. Once you go to the settings tap on General then Image Previews and revert the images into links.
  2. You can easily manage more than one account. Some people tend to have multiple accounts, separate from the work place and personal account. They can easily manage both accounts from the same interface. Go to the app menu and then click accounts; from there you will add account. now you can set it up and use it as you like.
  3. Sometimes it becomes a little difficult to find other people; similarly it may be a problem for others to find you. However the choice is yours, you can go to the main menu and then general settings where you will get two options if people can find you by email address or phone number.Twitter Tips
  4. Moreover let’s discuss another tip for Twitter for android. When you are in Twitter you can expect a sea of notification. You might not be willing to be disturbed by the unwanted notifications. Go to the settings then click on the Twitter handle and you will see the mobile notifications. Now you can do it as you like, either switch it off or keep it that way.
  5. You can also simply enable or remove the option of location on you twitter account. But you need to be very careful while you do it. If you want it to be visible, activate location after going to General settings tab.

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