Things Samsung Galaxy S5 Users Can Try

Samsung galaxy S5 is one the popular smart phones launched by Samsung and turned out to be quite a famous piece among the people. Users can learn more about their phones by exploring it inside out and making it more personal and customized as they wish to. There are some things Samsung galaxy S5 users can try on their phones. You may also like to read how to get photosphere on Galaxy S5.

Things Samsung Galaxy S5 Users Can Try:

  1. Lock screen Samsung galaxy S5 allows you protect your mobile phone with the image of your fingerprint. At least this will only give you the permission to open the phone. To apply this go to the settings of your phone, and then select fingerprint. There you can set the screen protection by registering your finger print image.
  2. Toolbox you use the notification are most of the time so you can adjust it just like you want. Also you can change the tool box by selecting the settings and then going to the toolbox and then choosing edit. Now you can easily customize it according to your wish.
  3. Power saving mode okay so you obviously want your phone will good battery timings don’t you? When you are out of home and cannot charge your phone and at the same time you cannot let your battery die then what to do? You can try the power saving mode and see how it saves your battery. this will restrict your access to all the apps to save the battery to all limits.
  4. What is more to things Samsung galaxy S5 users can try? You can try the multi window to make it handy. Go to the settings then select display and sounds and there tap on multi-window . From there you can easily follow and enjoy the multi window on you Samsung galaxy S5.Galaxy S5 Tips
  5. HDR pictures who would not want to take pictures in high modes with best results? Yes the galaxy S5 users can enjoy the HDR pictures. By going to the settings on your camera page and applying it to get the pictures in good quality.

These are a few things Samsung galaxy S5 users can try to explore their phones to the fullest.

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