The Latest Photo Uploader is Being Tested by Facebook

TechCrunch has reported recently that Facebook is testing the new photo uploader on its mobile application through a certain number of Facebook users. That is limited. The application of Facebook is now allowing iPhone and iPad users to embellish the pictures with several options such as overlaying texts, adjusting them by using quick adjustment of colors, making them better and more interesting by applying different range of stickers before they upload the photos on Facebook.
What is new?
In addition to the old features, there is a new magic wand option now found on the new version that enables the user to use cropping, insta filters, applying texts overlays and stickers for their photos. The option for magic wand is located at the photo interface left side at the bottom side. Another new feature to the Facebook new uploader is that once you upload a photo to facebook you can instantly touch and swipe your fingers on the photo to get different filters. This is a more convenient way for the users to edit their photos in a flash. The filters include different styles such as black and white, vintage, winter, Snow, fall and spring.

Then there is text overlay, which users can use pretty easily to quickly edit their photos and write anything related to the picture according their wish. The photo stickers are the crazy feature to make photos interesting. The method is two steps, simplest of all. You select the sticker with one tap and apply it on the photo with the second tap. You can obviously locate the sticker according to your will, drag it and rotate it as per your wish. Facebook latest photo uploader is not that common yet as it is only available for a restricted number of people as its unclear when and how everyone will get to it. Hopefully it Facebook latest photo up loader will not take long.

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