SoundCloud improvement for iOS Continues

Soundcloud is an audio station which is Sweden and is quite popular among the people all around the globe specially youngsters. This summer there is new stuff added to SoundCloud for iOS to improve the existing version even more for the users of iPhone and iPad. The application keeps on improving in order to make sure that users are happy and satisfied from its service.

The new version of SoundCloud is 3.10.0 for iOS. What is new to it? SoundCloud now facilitates the users by enabling them to play shuffled tracks, related track and audio related files in your very own playlist. You are also enabled to remove or add a track from the playlist directly and along with his the users of soundcloud can enjoy sharing the liked tracks from the screen directly with the people who are on Soundcloud.


The like screen shows a shuffle button that is located right at the top of the screen. All you need to do is tap the shuffle tracks which are your favorite in the collection. Plus shuffling the playlist is also enabled on SoundCloud. Click here to read the Apple Music Tips and Tricks.

It is very simple to shuffle your tracks. You will see three tiny dots that are displayed next to the playlists (it can be any playlist) which you will tap and then a new tiny list of options will appear where you press the Shuffle button as desired.

At first it was very annoying and a little monotonous to perform these actions by going to the soundclouds interface every time you wanted to remove or add tracks. Again you can do this swiftly by tapping the displayed 3 dots and further selecting the desired option.

SoundCloud has upgraded and improved your overall experience to listening to a number of tracks just the way it suits you and also giving you the perks of managing your own playlist which is super simple once you get introduced to the new version of SoundCloud for iOS.

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