Some Questions Android users often Ask

People are familiar with the Android system as they use it however some people are new on the android system therefore there are some questions android users often ask who newly start using it. Although, using it is not complicated and the whole thing is user friendly but there are little queries which we will satisfy in this article. How to watch TV shows and Movies Free on android.  How to use Twitter on Android Devices with awesome tips and tricks.

Some Questions Android users often Ask:

User’s Data:
often the users might be confused on where their data is or might save. It is important for them to know that if they want to use android in a better way they should use Google calendar, Google contacts and other ways to store their information and data securely and have easy access to it.

The Widgets:
every smart phone is different from another with its varying interface and other internal set up. So is android. Android is more user friendly and can be easily explored by the users on their own. For widgets, it is simple as you press the home screen and hold it there you get the options. You can hold and press on anywhere on the blank screen to get widgets.

Android enables you to use your smart phone just the way you like it and by customizing it to your own taste and comfort. You can change the font, the wallpaper by pressing and holding the screen. You can even go to Google play services to install launchers to change your experience on your android phone for a while. In short, you are free to customize and change your android phone according to your taste.

There is not an official app like iTunes for music in android system but when it comes to music and videos the users can always use Google play store and YouTube for it. Google, Dropbox, drive and onedrive can be explored as well.


Once people try to explore their phones they learn a lot more on their own. This is all to some questions android users often ask, hope it’s a great help! Another thing to cover when we talk about some questions android users often ask is the safety of their phones. Everyone is concerned with this matter so they can set PIN code, pass code or a certain pattern to put privacy on their smart phones.

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