Many visitor to my blog are saying that is fake and fraud and not working, but many have already confirmed that is working perfectly especially on siriport on iphone 3gs, they were having problem in the beginning but it was connected later.

We are not aware of what is the intention behind this release of siriport but I believe the port is genuine and may be due to lack of funds they are unable to upgrade their server to entertain all commands. I have not found any  suspension in my account or other information like people are saying they will steal some secret information from our device. I installed siriport using and activated siriport certificate and it was running OK which later on never connected but again since many visitors to my blog and my YouTube Channel are commenting that it is working good.

If it is not working on your iphone, ipad or ipod touch please wait for few days there is a good news that the i4Siri is going to be released very soon which will enable all of us to use Siri like on iPhone 4S. Please keep visiting my site so that I can share with you the best stuff. Also share with other contacts and don’t forget to donate to the i4Siri project.

If you want to try Siriport you can visit this guide for siriport install and siriport certificate  download. Your idevice should be jailbroken to install and run certificate and siriport.rep source.

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