Siri Tweaks and Apps

As you know the jailbreak for iPhone 4S and iPad 2 was released last Friday and millions of the users has jailbroken their devices. Ultimately now there are tons of jailbreak tweaks and apps to be used on jailbroken devices. Similarly there are torrent of Cydia tweaks that work with Siri and used to modify or play with Siri’s behavior and look. Some of them I am mentioning hare which most Siri users has liked and used most of them.

1. Custom Siri Background

A very beautiful and simple tweak that can be used to change the background of your Siri app. You can change the background of your siri from typical brushed metallic any of your choice. You can go to Cydia and in search section just type “Custom Siri Background” and install the same.

2. Custom Siri Mic Color

You can change the color of your Siri microphone icon using the Winterboard. You only need to add the source and download the color that you want. You can visit from your iPhone4s and download the source for color of your choice.

3. Assistant Extension

This tweak is equally useful for iphone4S siri users and developers,  this app can enable many useful system commands such as “open”, “tweet”, and “restart springboard” and in addition Assistant Extension also opens up a plugin system to facilitate developers to develop/make custom commands of their own choice.

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