Below tutorial guides you for siri on iphone 4 download step by step. You will need to jailbreak your iphone 4 before you can install siri certificate 1.crt that is available on I installed siri source on my iphone 4 easily there was error in the beginning but once I connected to WiFi I was able to connect to and it took 4 to 5 minutes for complete download of source for siriport. I believe if you exactly follow below steps you will siri on iphone 4 download. It is very easy to install siri on the iPhone 4 using and Just follow below steps and your iphone 4 will be running Siri.

You need the following source to add to Cydia (follow below sequence)

Yo need the to visit following website to get the certificate (after source is added)

If site is not opening in your ipod touch, open the siri certificate site in browser on your computer and go the above mentioned site download the certificate, email it to your email configured on your iphone 4 and open it from your email. I suggest to apply it before Siriport installation and once again after siriport installation. If site is not accessible you can Click Here to download 1.crt file.

Your iphone 4 or ipod touch should be jailbroken if not go here to jailbreak. Now Cydia will be available on your spring board after jailbreak.

How to install the Siriport :(Follow below steps)

Step 1: Add the Source to Cydia
Go to Cydia —>Manage —>
Sources —> Edit
Tap Add at left upper corner
Type the “”  now press Add Source
(You may face “Verification Error -The request timed out .” check your WiFi connection is enabled you should be connected to WiFi in order to download Siriport)
Once connected to server “Siriport” will be installed automatically.

Reboot your device

Go to Cydia > Manage > Sources and your source will be in the list “SiriPort.Ru Repo

tap it and scroll down to find SiriPort (it is ticked since already installed on my device)

tap it and install.

This will take much time be patient and wait until below screen

Reboot your iPhone 4.

Step 2: Install the Certificate from the website or open from your email. (Follow below images after entering siri port address in Safari)

Write in your Safari address bar and tap Go a new installation window will appear like below, tap Install

Reboot your iPhone 4

Step 3: Go to settings and activate Siri, if Siri is not there re-install Siri port.

Hold home button for a while and Siri will start:

There are some bugs due to which Siri is not answering questions and gives errors that I am unable to work at this time please try again later. We hope that this will be resolved by hackers. Keep visiting my site and join for updated news all the time.

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