Taking iPhone screenshot is very simple and easy but it can become panic if you are not using right combination of commands. If you are an older iOS user you can think I am kidding but believe me there are thousands of new iOS users searching to find the way of taking iOS screenshot which mostly is for iPhone and then screenshot iPad and older models of iDevices.

As a general rule and most older devices the screen shot is taken by simultaneously pressing the power and home buttons for a while until you can see the screen blink and a click sound as well as soon as the screen capture is complete.

Screenshot iPhone Tricks

Many people and most of times are not able to press sleep/Wake and Home buttons at the same time which causes running of Siri or lock may your device instead of giving you an iPhone screenshot. So to get the activity done in first instance we recommend to keep practicing again and again so that you are expert in screenshot iphone 6, iphone 5, and iphone 7 etc. because it matters when you are taking iphone screen shot from movies or any other moving objects.

screenshot iphone ipad screen capture

In new models the power/wake button is coming on the right side which sometimes requires strong hold of the device while taking the ios screen capture i.e. on iphone8, 7 and 6 etc.

How to View the iPhone Screenshot Image

After successfully taking the ios screenshot now you will wish to see the image and make necessary changes i.e. editing the captured screenshot. New devices are now automatically creating the albums in your photos gallery folder. Just open the folder and find out the category named Screenshots. You can find latest captured screenshot there.

iPhone 8 screenshot gives you facility of previewing the image in a small preview at bottom left corner. If you want any type of immediate action i.e. sharing or editing you need to just tap the preview and it will open right away. Otherwise if don’t need any action swipe it off the screen to save in photos.

The same is the procedure to screenshot ipad and iPod Touch using the sleep and home buttons.

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