Samsung Galaxy S6 edge is the world’s first invention that has dual sides. Samsung has launched this mobile phone recently and its popularity is touching the sky around the globe. Its design is so unique that one cannot stop looking at it in amazement. In short, it’s the best looking phone made by Samsung so far. The main feature that has made it famous is the curve on both sides of the phone, which of course the name makes it quite obvious.

The good thing in Samsung Galaxy S6 edge is that they have managed to finish the product in a very fine way. The size of the screen is 5.1 inches but the handset is built in such a sophisticated way that it looks no bigger than an Apple 4.7 inch iPhone 6! This makes it handy and people with small hands can also get access to all areas of the phone quite smoothly. The material used around the edges is aluminum alloy which gives it a bold and strong finish.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Features and Reviews:

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge has the same camera as Samsung Galaxy s6 that is 16 megapixels. Exynos octa-core processer and 1440p ultra-HD screen are two other features that both the Samsung handsets share.
If you want to know a setback in the design then it is the soft keys as they can be pressed accidentally. There is very tiny space between them which gets a little frustrating at times. Other than that it comes with high price, you have to spend lump sum amount of money to enjoy the handset. Also, an addition to the not-so-likeable design is that it has disappointing battery life and battery is not swappable.Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
Over all Samsung Galaxy s6 edge is a big hit, as it is an unusual elegant handset that has entered the market after a very long time. It’s a mobile phone that is full of beauty, brains and magnificence.

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