Root / Jailbreak HTC One S On Android Ice Cream Sandwich

As mentioned in the below tutorial you can root or jailbreak HTC One S by using the Superboot rooting tool running on Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Superboot is a good software to root your device that is provided by PaulObrien of the MoDaCo forums. In case you want more information or you face errors during or after the HTC One S root you can visit their forum for technical support. You also need to note that jailbreakstation is not responsible for any damages or loss of data caused by using Superboot. Use this tutorial on your own risk please.

Note: Rooting your phone will void your manufacturer’s warranty. 

Pre Requirements

  • Fully charged battery or at least 70% battery left.
  • Enable USB Debugging on your phone by heading to Settings > Applications > Development  > USB Debugging. Make sure that there is a check mark beside that option.
  • Before starting the rooting, temporarily disable all antivirus applications on your computer as they may interrupt the rooting process.

Below are the simple steps on How to Root HTC One S on Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Step 1:  Download the Superboot software from below links:

  • Download Superboot For Windows
  • Download Superboot For Mac
  • Download Superboot For Linux

These are zip files so after download unzip/extract the files on your desktop or any other folder.

Step 2: Put your phone in bootloader mode: Bootloader mode will allow you to modify software on your HTC phone, so we will use this mode to root your HTC One S phone. Below are the steps:

  • Turn Off your phone, and turn it back on by pressing and releasing power button and while holding down the “volume down” button.
  • Now while holding the volume down button press the power button again to enter fastboot mode.

Step 3: Run the Superboot program:

  • Connect your HTC One S to computer with the USB cable.
  • Windows Users: Just double click to open the ‘install-superboot-windows.bat’ file and your device will be rooted within moments.
  • Mac or Linux Users: Open terminal window to the directory you extracted the file to. I extracted my files on my desktop so I put below command in the terminal window. You need to change jailbreakstation by your username: cd /users/jailbreakstation/Desktop/r3-ville-superboot
  • For Mac users run the command ‘chmod +x’ followed by ‘./
  • For Linux users run the command type ‘chmod +x’ followed by ‘./

Once the command is run successfully your HTC One S is Now rooted. In case you face errors or any issues with the Superboot software, you must visit the original MoDaCo and XDA-developers forum thread.

Share your experience on jailbreak HTC One S using this tutorial. If this tutorial needs improvement please let me know in comments section.

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