Review about Apple Watch band

This is the review about the Apple Watch band. Some people get the Apple Watch directly what Apple provides while others get the Apple Band through third party. But they keep worrying if the quality of the device is good or bad. However as the review says even the third party Apple Bands are excellent in quality and give the same satisfaction as the other. Plus, is also less expensive than the other one so why won’t one purchase it? Users are recommended to definitely try out the Monowear and give it a chance at least as it is worth it.

Monowear provides the users with a fine quality leather band and also a nylon material band. The good thing is that the leather band is very excellent in quality, soft leather is used to make it and it feels smooth to the touch. The leather band costs $79 and the nylon one is retailed for $ 59.

Some people might think that the nylon band is not an appropriate one when it comes to wearing a watch on your wrist. But it is quite a surprise to know that the band is of decent quality and pretty soft for nylon. The material sits comfortably around the wrist without being into a prominent image.Apple Watch

The leather made the watch look pretty expensive than the real price and give a classic elegant look and the nylon band gave a more sporty image to the person wearing it. Another material of the band is metal band which was offered by Mono-wear that cost maximum $119.99 and minimum cost of $89.99. The metal band is recommended as first priority when it comes to durability. So in short let’s sum it up, if you want to enjoy a reasonable and durable band then stop here and purchase it without thinking twice.

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