Razer To Release A Gaming Mobile Device Soon

We are hearing this since many months that Razer is working to introduce new generation of smartphone that will be specifically designed for the demands of the gamers in mind although recent announcement does not name the new device a smartphone. Previously these kind of reports came through unanimous sources but recently CEO of Razer Min-Liang Tan has confirmed that mobile device for gamers is coming very soon. Razer CEO states that most probably the gaming mobile device (may be a smartphone) shall be released by the end of 2017.

This new update must be delightful for the millions of gaming lovers and of course Razer lovers as well. Since the new reports that came after the above mentioned interview they are not using the term smartphone for new Razer gaming device therefore there are possibilities that new device may be a Razer gaming tablet.

There are plenty of things that still need to come out with respect to the specifications and features of the reported smart gaming device which might be or might not be called a smartphone. We are waiting further details like its estimated cost, full list of features and its target market, user groups and demographics etc.

Razer Gamers smartphone



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