Yesterday I posted about the R-SIM III unlock for iOS 5 iPhone 4S for different basebands but the most waited basband 4.11.08 was not supported by R-SIM III. Today Eachsupplier updated on their website mentioning it a good news for those iPhone users who have been stuck on baseband 4.11.08 ever since iOS 5 was released. After release of R-SIM III the Team behind R-SIM III is finally able to provide unlocking solution for iPhone 4S on all basebands, the new R-SIM IV will be released within 10 days from today that could be used to unlock 04.11.08 baseband on iPhone 4.

You can check this link for further detail and to check the status of availability of R-SIM4.

Below are the few lines that are mentioned on official R-SIM 4 website:


Good News for every people who is stucked at 4.11.08 IOS 5,

The long time waiting is over, After released the R-SIM II for iphone 4S IOS 5.0 5.0.1 and R-SM III for iphone 4S IOS 5.1

Our R-SIM IV is designed for unlocking iphone 4, and R-SIM IV will be available in 10 days.


As mentioned on the website R-Sim IV will be available to buy for $59 very soon, currently showing out of stock status. This has definitely provided a hope for iPhone 4 users who are waiting for 4.11.08 unlock solution. Join my blog below so that I can update you as soon as the R-SIM IV is available for purchase.

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