Problems and Solutions of Android Kitkat

Android kitkat is version introduced by android which has taken up to 40% smart phones around the world and is continuously being the popular version around the globe. However, just like many other technological issues, the Kitkat version has been also facing problems and users can do anything to get rid of them. Here is a list of problems and solutions of Android Kitkat. click here to How to Get the Android updates Faster.

Problems and Solutions of Android Kitkat:

  • Battery issue This is a common problem faced by the kitkat users but do not worry, we are here to help you out. The first thing you can do is take out the battery for at least 30 seconds and then reboot. You should then check the apps in the battery usage section to see which apps are causing battery problems and then either remove or reinstall them. Another simple way is to clear the cache by going to the recovery mode. The last solution is to backup your important files and data and factory reset your smart phone.
  • Poor WiFi connection The new firmware occasionally such problems to the WiFi connections. For that you can toggle your data, and keep switching airplane mode off and on. The other way is that whenever you face an issue, go to the wifi connections and open the one you want to be connected to, tap on forget and re-connect to it. Hope that will help!
  • There is still more to problems and solutions of Android Kitkat. Bad experience with Gallery Yes this is another common issue plus pretty annoying too when you are in the middle of scrolling down the gallery to find a picture. This problem has been faced more by the users of Samsung Galaxy S3, to solve this tap settings, then app manager and there go to paper artist to disable it. For other users, they need to clear cache of the Gallery app by going to the settings and then tapping application manager.Android KitKat Problems
  • Download notifications The problem is faced by both jellybean and kitkat users. But the good news is you do not have to fuss over it as fixing it is a piece of cake. Go to app drawer and there tap downloads app and clear the downloads present before. Make sure you backup your data before you do this.
  • Surprise reboots You might also face random reboots on your smart phone which can happen due to any reason, to avoid this, first backup all your important files then reset your device. Once you are done, restore the files to your freshly reset device.
  • Hopefully the above list of problems and solutions of Android Kitkat will guide you to save your brain from distress and make your experience on Kitkat a better one!

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