outlook vs Apple mail, Which is Better?

Love it or loath it, email is an essential part of any modern technology device. the truth remains that for the vast majority of people it is one of the first things they set up on a new phone, tablet or PC. Using a good client then is very important if you want to get the best out of your electronic missives, and there is no shortage of apps on offer across the iOS platform.

Since the release of Windows 8 Microsoft has been using a new design language that feels modern and sparse. In some ways it’s reminiscent of Google’s simplistic, clean approach, one which is very easy on the eye.

outlook vs Apple mail, Which is Better?

The new Outlook app is a very good example of how this refined approach can look quite at home on the iOS platform, and bears a passing resemblance to Apple’s own Mail client.Outlook features support for a number of recognized email services, including Exchange, Outlook.com, iCloud, Gmail, and Yahoo, all of which share a unified inbox when set up. This means that you don’t have to jump between different account to see any new email, as it is all controlled from one single inbox. This is the same as Apple’s Mail app, and a feature that makes using both offerings much easier than some of their competitors.outlook vs. apple mail

By contrast Apple Mail is a straightforward design that features the same two column layout with just the search bar at the top of the left hand column. Both apps have options to display the various mailboxes that make up the inbox; this is useful if you use tags to sort your mail – say for example on Gmail – as you can navigate to these within a couple of taps.

Apple has stuck with its tried and tested menu tree, but somehow it seems cluttered, or at least somewhat scruffy when compared to the elegant font and layout that Microsoft has chosen for Outlook. It’s a little thing, after all both show very similar results, but it’s noticeable that Outlook feels more modern and polished in this area.

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