Now you can view a snap just with one tap – SnapChat

As we all Snap chat is one of the most popular app among people of all ages. Now there are a few updates to the application which the users will enjoy. First, when you had to see a snap sent to you by a friend or a story uploaded you needed to tap and keep holding the snap till the seconds passed. Now Snap chat’s new one-tap update will allow you to tap the snap or the snap story once it will end automatically.

Snap chat is releasing this new version so that the users do not have to keep touching the screen till the snap ends as it can become tiring and annoying sometimes. The new tap and view update is released for the convenience of the users.

Now you can view a snap just with one tap – SnapChat:


There is more to it, now the users can add friends by going to the option of add nearby. You can also see the list of your friends through this option. The snap chat’s new update is super simple, you tap and add.

Snap chat advises you to immediately enable the two factor authentication. This can be done by in app settings options where you will select login verifications. You will get a code on your phone number which you will be required to enter. Snap chat’s new update’s main purpose is to bring more effective security to the users.

New version change log:

Tap just once to see the snaps and snap stories of your friends. -Simply tap the snapcode if you wish to take a selfie -you can also export the code from the application directly. -in addition, add your friends by their snap codes. The snap chat app is free of cost and can be downloaded very simply. Users already on snap chat can update the app the same way.

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