New Moment App To keep Private Pictures

Do you find yourself always asking your friends for the pictures they took with their phones after a party or a get together. This App solves that problem, now you can easily send your pictures and take them from your friends fast and easy. The app groups your photos based on who’s in them and when they were taken. In one tap, you can sync your photos to the friends you choose. Then, friends can add their photos to the moment app. Now, everyone has all the photos you took together!

New Moment App To keep Private Pictures:

The moment app allows you to keep all your photos organized in one private place, without having to share on some social media where other who are not even in the picture can look at it and have access to it. You can easily sync all your photos at one time, no need to send them individually or send them separately by email or any other channel. You can even use the search tool to find your friends and your own pictures.

If you wish to save these pictures you see on the moment app, You can save them on your camera roll so you do not have to go back the moment app again and again and search your pictures to be able to view them. You can just a easily save them in you camera roll and view them whenever you want.and once you have saved them in your camera roll, this gives you the ease to edit them and then share them on your favorite social media channels, instagram, Facebook, send them in the messenger maybe. The pictures you save from the app are just like the once you would take from you own camera.

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