Apple watch was designed with its own personal operating system, and now they have announced and update on it. With the new OS 2 watch, there are more different designs to choose from, its faster than before with more unique applications. new customization settings are available to make this watch yours as much as possible. New look, one can choose from a selection of dazzling time lapse videos, that were shot for over 24 hours in majestic locations around the world, you can make these your wallpapers.

New Apple Watch OS 2 Features and News:

Or the other option is to choose from your photo library and set it as the face of the watch. this can be a favorite memory with special someone. Also you have the option to choose a whole photo album, so every time you look at your wrist you’re in for a surprise as every time a new picture would be the face of your watch.There are still many more ways to make this watch one of a kind, you can make any up coming events to show on the face of the watch.

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Time Travel , this is a new feature in the OS 2 watch if you turn the digital crown, you will be able to see what is happening, today , or tomorrow, or you can go back in time to see what has already happened in the past. you can see what the weather is going to like on you nest meeting date, or just see what the next thing is planned on your schedule. with this new feature you will never miss a deadline or miss the yesterdays news headlines.Apple OS2 Features

when you are done with the watch for the day, you can use it as a digital clock with the alarm system, use the side button to snooze or turn the alarm off. The original apple watch lets you receive your email on the watch but the new OS 2 watch  lets you reply to the mail too. The os2 Watch  lets you send your doodles to other apple watch users.

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