Mostly Reported iOS 11 Problems with Solutions

iOS 11 problems and errors are coming out after millions of iOS lovers has upgraded their idevices. The most common problem being the software update failure that sometimes requires long time due to different reasons and one of them can be an already jailbroken device.

Below we have briefly given the major ios 11 errors and their solutions for quick reference. Each of this kind of problem may need a detailed guide but we hope you can get benefit of below list of solutions:

Lets start from iOS 11 Software Update Problem

The first reason is very simple and that is your device is not compatible for ios 11 upgrade. If you are having iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPad 3 or iPad 4 then don’t be panic you are not eligible for iOS 11 update. Also if your device is having iOS 11 GM then you will not get the option of up gradation because GM and public release are having same build number.

Now if your device is eligible for up gradation install latest iTunes on your computer and connect your device using the lightning cable. iTunes will detect your device and also will give message that new software version is available just click and follow the procedure. Make sure you have strong WiFi connection.

ios-11-errors and problems

Other problem is crashing of 32-bit Apps

After upgrading you might see that your previously working apps are not loading, now you have a choice either to find alternative 64-bit apps or downgrade to previous version i.e. iOS 10.3.3. Also you will see that some apps are crashing the solution is to get the latest version or just remove and reinstall.

There are many other problems which are not yet addressed and that might be resolved in next version of iOS 11. One common issue is coming related to turning off WiFi and Bluetooth from control center which in some cases not working. There are tweaks people are talking but it shall be completely resolved with upgrade. For the time being you can use these features from settings app.

Also iOS 11 users are are facing problem while using Outlook / Exchange accounts which shall also be resolved in coming days.

iOS 11 WiFi & Bluetooth Connectivity Problem

In most of the cases this problem can be solved by resetting the network settings. Go to Settings => General => Reset => Reset Network Settings.

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