List of TaiG Jailbreak Errors & Their Solutions

As we are now at the stage of a mature jailbreak which is called the TaiG tool. The tool is working perfectly for all existing devices that are supported by iOS 8. However many TaiG jailbreakers are still not able to avoid the taig errors. The most common error which is faced by TaiG users is -1004 which states the Jailbreak Failed and common solution to this taig error is to try to use anoter computer to jailbreak your device using the TaiG Tool.

TaiG Jailbreak Common Solutions

In general we shall give some tips which you can follow in order to successfully jailbreaking iOS 8 using TaiG which include:

  1. Upgrade your device to latest version i.e. 8.1.2 using iTunes.
  2. Disable Passcode
  3. Disable iCloud => Find My iPhone
  4. Use latest version of TaiG Jailbreak Tool compatible with your device.
  5. Try Re-downloading the file if error persists.

TaiG Jailbreak Fail Error 1004

Below is the list of TaiG Jailbreak Errors

-1001 device is disconnected

This TaiG error occurs if the link between the iPhone under TaiG jailbreak process and computer is disconnected, which can be caused by loose connection of lightning cable on any side.  Try to reconnect the device. This problem may occur due to use of non genuine accessories i.e. cables. We recommend using genuine Apple parts data lines, some times data lines appear disconnected to prevent piracy problems.

-1002 Device passcode lock is on
If you saw this code, it means you have not disabled your passcode lock Please turn off passcode via:. Settings – Passcode – Turn Passcode Off.
-1003 Program data damaged
Please Re-download Taig Jailbreak Tool from official website , or change to stable Network Environment.
-1004 Jailbreak fail
This problem is caused by your computer. Please change to another computer and try again.
-1005 You have not disabled Find my iPhone
Please disable it via: Seetings – iCloud – Find My iPhone
-1006 Device Jailbreaked
Your device is already having TaiG Jailbreak, please do not try it again or restore your iPhone.
-1007 Device not activated

Please activate your device before starting TaiG Jailbreak.

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