Find our latest LiberiOS iOS 11 jailbreak coverage below on this page.


Happy Holidays! And no, we’re not done yet. More to come. Just not now.

    • Get this: Version 11.0.1: This is why you shouldn’t use mirrors, see?
        • Now with a proper GUI thanks to the talented @horatiohno
        • Supports all i-Devices, thanks to ARX8x
        • Also even more stable due to proper cleanup in one special case. Shouldn’t crash on you, but let me know if it does.
        • AMFId can be killed, be reborn, but will be just as debilitated 🙂
        • Arbitrary Dylib loading works. NO, CYDIA SUBSTRATE WON’T. Not my problem – @Saurik owns this one
SHA1(LiberiOS11.0.1.ipa)= 4034c8729860acf75b2406e94be7b1b34173f41c
MD5(LiberiOS11.0.1.ipa)= 44f74413c486efb351fbfc56d0bff9ba