What is LiberiOS 11 Jailbreak? Why Cydia is not Available?

Although we have listened a lot regarding the latest iOS 11 jailbreak in different blogs and social media channels. But still people are not able to get a working public jailbreak tool that can provide Cydia app store for iOS 11 jailbreakable devices. Recently we learned about the h3lix jailbreak tool that can jailbreak 10.3.3 devices but only 32 bit models. Then came the name of Jonathan Levin who is a security researcher who released QiLin Jailbreak Toolkit. The purpose of QiLin toolkit is to standardize the jailbreak process and development tools etc.

What is QLin Jailbreak Toolkit

Levin told that he will open source QiLin as soon as he stabilizes it and make sure it is secure.

The QiLin Jailbreak ToolKit is a simple code base, which standardizes all the common tasks required for jailbreaking – from breaking out of the sandbox and assuming root capabilities, remounting the root file system, unpacking binaries, and more – in a way that is stable, safe, and reduces the amount of code to about 10 lines. It is aimed at researchers and jailbreak enthusiasts, who wish to learn more about the intricacies of kernel tinkering without being bogged down by the nooks and crannies of setting up a stable work environment.

In other words, the toolkit handles the complicated tasks, and you can built whatever UI/customization/tweaking/modding of the jailbreak you want.

LiberiOS 11.1 jailbreak status

What is purpose of LiberiOS 11 Jailbreak Release

Finally Jonathan Levin has released LiberiOS jailbreak in stable form for public but the process is still not able to give us a working Cydia platform for installing the jailbreak apps and themes etc. There is reason Cydia is still not available in LiberiOS11 jailbreak. The main reason is that Levin is not able to integrate his development with Cydia store. Ultimately he needs to shake hands with Saurik and work closely for future. Despite many days passed he is not getting response from Saurik who is owner and developer of Cydia repository. As per his information may be Saurik is busy developing the way of integrating iOS11 jailbreak and Cydia store. Below is a tweet from Levin regarding the no response from Saurik.

Attention #cydia lovers: 4 days later @saurik hasn’t dignified me with a reply, but word is he’s working with @coolstarorg. Therefore please wait for his JB for #cydia. #LiberiOS & #QiLin remain a full (and now even more stable) jb/toolkit, but hereby reclassified as dev only.

Wait Is Over LibeiOS 11 Jailbreak is Here

So we can say that iOS 11 jailbreak is available but still a final step of integrating it with Cydia is remaining. Also we can understand that many other developers are also working in parallel to achieve iOS 11 jailbreak. Therefore if you are willing to enjoy Cydia tweaks, tools and apps you may need to wait for few days. We shall keep you updated for any developments and news related to LiberiOS 11 jailbreak or any other jailbreak tool release.

iOS 10.3.3 Jailbreak Status

New name like @Pwn20wnd on Twitter is claiming that he is also able to jailbreak iOS 10.x.y. As per his claim it is now ready to jailbreak 64-bit devices. The new iOS 10 jailbreak tool is under final development. Then it will become install-able on idevices to execute the jailbreak within one week as per his claims.

So the 10.x.y jailbreak is done. Just getting the tool done. Please be patient. ETA: A week.

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