Get ready! If you are planning to jailbreak iPhone 4S or iPad 2 you have to ensure that your device is ready before the jailbreaking tools are released.  This can happen that Apple decides to stop signing 5.0.1 and your device is not on firmware 5.0.1 so you will be in trouble and unlucky.


Normally Apple can do this before a new version is released, and withe 5.1 update can be released any time. Using your device you can update your device and it is very simple and doesn’t require iTunes so it is right time to update with existing version.

You can update by going to Settings —-> General —-> Software Update. To further ensure you can preserve your SHSH blobs once on 5.o.1 by using TinyUmbrella.

So start counting the days a new jailbreak is on its way for iPhone4S and iPad 2.

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