Jailbreak for iOS 10 has been done and now it is available for download. This is what you will be observing in some social sharing pages and even if you search ” Jailbreak for iOS 10″ or “Jailbreak for iPhone 7” you can find hundreds of results, BUT, this is not true at this moment when I am writing this post. As of now it is established that there is no jailbreak for iOS 10.0.1 is available.

Please note that currently working jailbreak is available for iOS is 9.3.3. The latest Pangu jailbreak tool allows the user to jailbreak iOS devices on the demand. The user can easily jailbreak the iOS devices by running the click-to-jailbreak app, and also easily remove the jailbreak by rebooting the iOS devices. In other words, the user has full control to enable or disable the jailbreak functionality.

Pangu iOS 10.0.1 Jailbreak

iOS 10 is Jailbroken Already

Now if we see the chances when we will get a legitimate iPhone 7 jailbreak we should compare last year when iOS 9 was released and it was jailbroken by Pangu team within first month of its release.  iOS 10 jailbreak is already achieved as we have already mentioned in one of our post yesterday. LOLZ. Oh it is from Luca Todesco who never have released his previously claimed jailbreaks, I don’t understand what he achieves from his jailbreaks because he releases a video showing his iPhone jailbroken on iOS 10 and then there is complete silence and after few days we might listen a pleasant update from Pangu in the form of iOS 10.0.1 Jailbreak tool or most probably it will be jailbreak for iOS 10.1.0 from Pangu team.

Pangu iOS 10 jailbreak released soon?

As per my experience of last 5 years and approximately two years with Pangu behaviour, I am 100% sure that Pangu team is already working to jailbreak iOS 10. Why I am Sure About This? Because we have already seen in MOSEC conference where Pangu jailbreak on iOS 10 was shown in the form of presentation and we could clearly see the Cydia iOS 10 combination.  This was really an amazing and astonishing moment when Pangu team asked the audience to show something extra and they flipped the slide showing Cydia means beta iOS 10 jailbreak was achieved.

When iOS 10 Jailbreak Will be Released?

As per the previous trends seen in the case of iOS 9 Jailbreak the Pangu Tool to Jailbreak iOS 10 will be released in the beginning of the month of October 2016. This time we have seen three claims Luca, Pangu & iH8Snow and they have also shown the videos and images demonstrating that they have jailbroken betaiOS 10. This will and must have created a sort of competition which might lead to an early release of iOS 10.0.1 or 10.1 Jailbreak.

As usual we shall be the first to inform you about the release of jailbreak for iOS 10.0.1 or whatever the current version will be. We recommend you to join our blog and keep visiting our site.

Happy Jailbreaking.

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