iTweakStore New Plateform For Jailbreak Community

If you visit the you can read that it is a new store to tweak your jailbroken iOS devices, fast, powerful and very easy to use. Currently the Cydia is the platform which we are using for tweaking our idevices and many of us are familiar about many Cydia alternatives such as Rock, Icy etc. but Cydia has proven itself most reliable and solid. I don’t know much about iTweakStore but hope it will provide nice experience for its users and will add value and innovation in jailbreak community. As they claim they are the best alternative to Cydia and Apple App store and promise to provide best tweaks, themes and utilities on your jailbroken iphone, ipad and ipod touch. Right now two previews are available on their site and the list of the iTweak Dev Team members is also provided with their twitter links.

Link to iTweakStore

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