iTunes Radio for iPhone and iPad

We test out iTunes Radio to see what kind of radio service we can expect when Apple launches iTunes Radio in the UK. We look at using curated iTunes Radio stations and creating My Stations to build a personalized radio service on iPhone, iPad or Mac. With iTunes Radio, you can pick a track, artist or genre to create a custom station. This customized iTunes Radio station then plays music tracks from the whole iTunes catalogue. iTunes Radio also has offers Featured Stations: these are DJ-curated, editorial or hybrid stations.

The Featured Stations change on a regular basis, and many are time sensitive (such as the current Top 50 on iTunes).To start iTunes Radio on an iOS device you open the Music app. With the iTunes Radio update to iTunes in Mac OS X, or the Music app in iOS, a new Radio tab appears at the bottom of the screen.

iTunes Radio for iPhone and iPad:

Tap this to view Featured Stations and New Station. During our test we could see the iTunes Weekly Top 50, Pure Pop and First Play stations in Featured.To start playing music simply tap a Featured Station and it’ll play tracks from the iTunes Store. iTunes Radio review

If you don’t like a track you can tap the Next icon, although you can only skip six tracks before the Next icon is faded out.When the Station is playing you will see the Previous button in Music replaced by a Star icon. Tapping this enables you to add a track to an iTunes wish list, or options for Play More Like This and Never Play This Song. You also get a direct link to purchase the track from iTunes in the top-right.

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