iTunes 12.2 Released with Beats 1 and Apple Music

in Apple Music on demand. To enjoy Apple Music users will have to download and install this latest version of iOS 8.4 on their devices; whether it is an iPod, Mac book, iPad or iPhone. Everyone must be looking forward to it and anticipating the new features offered by Apple. The new iTunes version 12.2 will bring you joy of enjoying Apple music and Beats 1 on your devices specifically Mac and Windows system.

Apple will provide a variety of services in this new version. A section labeled as New will be present which will give you access to all the new songs and the upcoming releasing albums. The section that says For You will be updated frequently according to your history of choices which Apple will sort according to you preferences.

iTunes 12.2 Released with Beats 1 and Apple Music:

Also the artists may post for the people out there who love music and that can be accessed through the Connect section. You can find interesting material there such as; photo galleries, lyrics, recordings, behind the scene videos etc. Then there is a feature that is Beats 1, which allows live broadcast from a number of cities all around the world. Along with this the users can also enjoy the Apple Music Radio section which has been properly fully reset with new updates. You can also find all your music, purchases and other stuff in My music. iTunes 12.2

When you are looking for new songs to buy that’s when you will hit the iTunes section. The services of Apple Music is going to be free of cost for complete 3 months as a trail period and after that it would cost $9.99 per month so that you can keep having fun with unlimited fun.

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