iPhoto Cydia Tweak To Run iPhoto on Non 5.1 Devices

If you go to Apple store for downloading latest version of iPhoto it is mentioned that iPhoto is compatible with iOS 5.1, that means you can install only if you have latest version, but what when you have a jailbroken device not running ios 5.1 and you don’t want to upgrade due to non availability of untethered ios 5.1 jailbreak.  I am giving you the solution i.e. install a Cydia tweak and enjoy iPhoto on non ios 5.1 devices.

So below are the steps for tweaking your idevice to open/install iPhoto on old ios versions:

  1. Open Cydia and install iPhoto501Fix.
  2. Open iFile (you can download if you don’t have iFile, from Cydia)
  3. In iFile interface navigate to / –>System –> Library –> oreServices –> Systemversion.plist
  4. Open SystemVersion.plist as a text file in iFile
  5. Edit and change the version of your device with 5.1 in the line <string>5.0</string> to <string>5.1</string> (5.0 is my version which I changed to 5.1, in your case it may be different)
  6. Open iPhoto.

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