iPhone4S Consuming Double Data Than iPhone4

A recent study has shown that iPhone 4S consumes on average twice as much data as the previous iPhone models, even more than iPad tablets. This is mainly due to increased use of online services like Siri the virtual personal assistant. This was reported in Reuters.

Another study by telecom network technology firm Arieso, says that iPhone 4S users transfer on average three times more data than users of the older iPhone 3G model which was used as the benchmark in the study. Study shows that data usage of the previous model, the iPhone 4, was only 1.6 times higher than the iPhone 3G, while iPad2 tablets consumed 2.5 times more data than the iPhone 3G.

This is understood that sharp rise in data consumption has put more pressure on wireless operators to upgrade their systems for provision of  both speed and capacity as per the increasing demands.

Similarly introduction of iCloud and high resolution camera in new iPhone 4S and iPad has increased the size of media that can be transmitted in the form of high quality and larger files sizes as compared to previous devices. We are hearing that iPad 3 will be launched very soon with more powerful front camera and HD back camera another challenge to come for telecom carriers.

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