There are two ways to reset iphone password mentioned below. Many time we need iphone password remover when we forget the iphone password or pass code which we have set due to privacy reasons.  It becomes panic when we forget our iphone pass code and in need of iphone password breaker. There are two ways to reset iphone password, in first procedure you will reset the iPhone passcode and your iphone will lose all data and files so it will be restored to previous back up or when it was purchased new. The second iphone password breaker tool is Gecko iPhone Toolkit.

Method 1: Reset your iPhone to factory defaults or Any previous backup

Recover the Passcode by using iPhone recovery mode:

Remember: You will loose all your data and files since this method will reset iphone to factory default settings. If you don’t want to lose data try the method 2 for iphone password remover below.

  1. Connect the USB cable to your computer without connecting other end to your iPhone
  2. Run iTunes on your computer if not installed go to, download, install and Run.
  3. Put your iphone in DFU (Click Here to learn to put your device in DFU direct firmware update mode) mode by pressing and holding both Home and Power button at the same time until it turns off and release power button and keep holding Home button (meanwhile connect USB cable to your iPhone). Keep holding Home button until iTunes message will appears  “an iPhone in recovery mode has been detected”
  4. From iTunes screen Click on the “Restore” button. Restore process will start and will complete itself and it will take some time and your iphone will restart at default settings.

Method 2: Reset pass code by using iPhone password remover tool Gecko

Gecko iPhone Toolkit is another alternative to reset  iphone password and your data will remain untouched. Gecko iPhone Toolkit is a small but useful utility that can recover forgotten iphone passcode, it works on limra1n exploit and supports all non A5 devices that include iPhone 4/3GS, iPod Touch 3G/4G and iPad 1.

Download below files before starting the passcode reset process: 

1. Connect your iphone to your computer by using USB cable and Run Gecko iPhone Toolkit.

2. On the screen where “Step 1: Boot ramdisk using redsn0w” is written select your device and click Boot on right side.

Gecko iPhone Toolkit so make sure you download and install .Net 4.0 before you run Gecko iPhone Toolkit.

3. You will be asked to select your iOS firmware file which you have already downloaded, browse your computer to locate iOS firmware file and click OK.

4. After this step you will see redn0w jailbreak window and now you have to put your iPhone in DFU mode by acting as below:

  • Hold both Power and Home buttons for 9 seconds
  • Now release the Power button but continue holding the Home button for 10 more seconds

5. Immediately a pop up warning window will appear saying “do not disconnect youriPhone while it’s cracking your passcode”  click “OK”
6. Some processing can be observed inside the display screen and the recovered pass code will be displayed “Note It”


Now your passcode is with you and you can use the same for using your iPhone, just restart your iphone and it will ask password give the new one and enjoy.

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