Your iPhone Might Crash If You Do This

You might be surprised, or you may not given the fact how many times bugs like these pop up on IOS, that you can crash your iPhone by saying this a couple of times. Your phones running on IOS 12.2 will crash if you use the dictation feature on your iPhone. Now it is to say that using the dictation feature on an application will not necessarily crash your iPhone but it will end up crashing that particular application.


iPhone Cracked


The bug is centered on saying ‘Hyphen’ using the dictation feature on your search bar more than 5 times in a row. What this does is that it ends up crashing your iPhone and refreshing it for a few seconds which is a neat gag you could play on your friends. Interestingly, typing actual hyphens into the search bar does not bear the same results as using the dictation feature. Neither does saying it to Siri or pasting a lot of hyphens in the search bar.

Furthermore, it has even been tested to work in different languages as well, how crazy is that. It seems that the bug has its roots in the dictation feature and is to be fixed in a matter of a few weeks with the final 12.2 update. Nonetheless it serves as a fun trick to play on your friends more than it is an actual harmful bug to your device.

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