Long time ago, Google maps was the “go to: app for mapping needs and not just for android mobiles but also for iOS devices, but later in 2012 apple developed their own application. The new app still needed a lot of fixing and a lot of work had to be done in order to make it remotely user friendly. iPhone Maps Vs. Google Maps are discussed today in this article.

For starters both the applications are free across the world and can be downloaded by anyone. No special instructions are needed. Google maps is in comparison a little simple and easy to use and it also supports voice commands while on the other hand the apple app has a remarkable 3D view with a turn by turn navigation system.

iPhone Maps vs. Google maps – A brief Comparison:

Both the apps exhaust your devices battery. Google maps needs a little work on their turn by turn navigation as their visual is still not so satisfying, while the search results on the apple app need to be updated and need to be more resourceful.

Google has an upper hand with the accuracy of the locations, as they have Skybox a high resolution satellite imagery company under their belt, the price rounds up to $500 million. They bought it only to improve the accuracy. So when we compare the iPhone Maps vs. Google maps we come to know that at the Google office they have their own little army that manually checks the map and looks for errors to fix. They are also fast and active in reporting or responding back to daily reported issues by users, and fixing them as they go along.iphone-vs-google-maps

Apple didn’t stay behind, it bought Locationary, which is a company mainly focusing on crow sourcing location data and also stop. Which only gathered data from thousands of agencies of transit helping people with public transport? This does not end here, they also bought Embark Inc. after reading this iPhone Vs. google Maps you can easily understand the basic difference between the android and iphone apps.

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