If your iphone, ipad or ipod touch is freezing and not responding then you have to reset your device. In older devices the hard reset or force reboot was done by holding power and home buttons together for a while until you see the Apple logo on the screen. This allows a frozen iPhone to restart in normal mode. This can be applicable for iPhone 5 frozen or iPad frozen or iPod Touch frozen. This problem may happen during the software upgrades and even during after jailbreaking. There might be iOS 11 users as well who need to force restart the iPhone 8.

How To reset Frozen iPhone 6 & 7

In case of device where the home button was replaced by touch button this process of rebooting was done by pressing and holding power and volume down buttons so iphone 6 frozen and iPhone 7 freezing problems can be reset by this method. So below is what to do if your iphone freezes.

iphone screen freezing hard restart

How to Reset / Reboot iPhone 8 & Plus – iphone stuck problem

In latest release of iOS 11.0.1 Apple has changed the procedure of rebooting the frozen iPhone 8 and iPhone8 plus. which is as under:

Step 1: Quickly press and then release the Volume Up button.

Step 2: Now quickly press and then release the Volume Down button.

Step 3: Press and hold the sleep/wake (side) button

Step 4: Keep holding until you see the Apple logo on the screen

After reboot your frozen iphone 8 will reboot to its normal mode. If still your phone is not responding or it is freezing again and again we recommend to reset your device or upgrade to latest version to avoid iphone screen frozen.

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