iPhone 7 & 7 Plus Scratch Bend Waterproof & Drop Tests [Videos]

It is time to talk about iPhone 7 & iOS 10 because in these days people like you and me are receiving their new devices from their preorders. All iPhone 7 users must be keen to know more and more about the new features, tips and tricks but many must be having concerns about the durability of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

The most important factor related to the durability of any smartphone is the resistance to breakage due to bending specially in the era of slim fit trousers/pants. Most of people keep their phones in pockets and at many occasions in a day the iPhone 7 in the pocket goes under extreme stress. So the bend-ability of a smart phone is very important and this has been tested by one of the tech lover as shown in below video.

In addition to the bend test Jerry has also tested the scratching resistance to find out how strong is the surface of Apple’s new Black (matte) iPhone 7 against the common scratching situations like if it is placed inside the pockets & hand bags with keys and coins etc.

iPhone 7 Hardness Test on Mohs Scale

Hardness of the display screen of the iPhone 7 has been tested in the video to see where the glass falls on Mohs scale of hardness, and as expected, like previous iPhone models, the display screen glass begins to scratch at around level 6, meaning that general items like coins and keys will not cause damage to the iPhone 7 display. Cheers !!!!

Here come the video of iPhone 7 durability test including the bending strength and the scratch resistance on Mohs Scale.


iPhone 7 Waterproof & Drop Test

In addition to above mentioned two test here comes another video showing the most important test which is drop test. A majority of damages to smartphones are happening due to its dripping during usage and also during putting and taking off from pockets.

Below is the video that covers waterproof feature as well which is now available in iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 plus.


iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus Drop Test

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