iPhone 6C Rumors and Features

There have been a lot of rumors about the iPhone 6c is it going to be a replacement for the previous iPhone 5c. Iphone 5c is more than a year and half old and that has led to questions about whether it’ll be the first and last model of the colorful, plastic iPhone. Earlier this year, we were convinced that Apple had decided to ditch the ‘C’ range from its iPhone line-up, but new reports suggest an iPhone 6c might launch this year after all, and the latest leaked image comes from Apple’s own website. Here, we’ve gathered all of the latest iPhone 6c rumors, including release date, design, specs and features speculation. We’ve also got iPhone 6c concept images and mock ups.

iPhone 6C Rumors and Features:

On 21 May the iPhone 6C was spotted online, and it’s on Apple’s own website of all places. The photo of Apple’s new iPhone charging dock with Lightning connector appears to have an iPhone 5C with a Touch ID resting in it.

iPhone 6c

On 25 March 2015, more rumors from Asia claimed that Apple plans to launch three new iPhone’s in September, one of which will feature a 4 inch display that could be called the iPhone 6CThe report claims that the iPhone 6c will have an A8 chip like the one found in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, NFC and Touch ID. Rumors claim that the new iPhone 6s will come in rose gold, but we don’t expect that the iPhone 6c will get a metallic finish.

Prior to the launch of the iPhone 5c much of the talk was about Apple launching a cheaper iPhone, although in the end it turned out not to be quite a cheap as people had hoped. It is hoped that the iPhone 5c is now a good price, but we’d prefer it if it was 16 GB rather than 8GB. As for the iPhone 6c price, there are suggestions that if Apple launches an iPhone 6c it will be cheaper than the iPhone 5c was at launch, addressing the demand for a lower entry-point iPhone.

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