The well known or the so famous iPhone 6 and its big brother iPhone 6 plus. They are full of so many features and there are many trick that some users are not aware of. One doesn’t have to be a genius or does not have to become the master of the manual to be able to use an iPhone to its fullest. Today we are going to reveal iPhone 6 hidden features for you.


 iPhone 6 hidden features, Tips and Tricks:

The following mentioned iPhone 6 hidden features work right out of the box while some require further steps to be set up on your device. You can also watch the iPhone 6 Video.

  • You can easily use your iPhone one handed, even though it has a large screen that may seem difficult to use with one hand, but there is a built in feature that solves this problem. Tapping twice on the home button to use this feature called ‘reachability’ don’t press the button, tap on it with your finger, you will see that the whole screen drops down, making it easy to use with one hand.
  • With this new device you are now able to shoot slow motion videos at 240 frames per second and be as dramatic as you want.

    iPhone 6 hidden features
    iPhone 6 hidden features
  • The landscape mode on this device comes with a new landscapes adjustable keyboard, these acts just like an iPad, but this feature is until now only available on the iPhone 6 plus device. When you turn the device the apps also shit to the landscape mode.
  • Touch ID as you all know can be used for installing apps or unlocking your phone, but if you down the app “last press” and/or “1password’, one can use their fingerprint to log in to extensions using safari. These are very awesome iPhone 6 hidden features that will enhance your smartphone experience.
  • To maintain a good battery life, you need to open settings go to general, inside it there is usage and then battery usage, and look for that one app that is using your battery too much, uninstall it if not important. You will know that something is wrong when you device heats up quickly.

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