iPhone 5 Rumors Started – Will Have 4.6 Inch Larger Display

As was expected after the release of the new iPad 3 and its hot news, facts and figures the time has come to talk about the Apple’s next product which is the next generation iPhone or perceived name “iPhone 5”. The very first report has been revealed stating that new iphone will have larger 4.6″ retina display. I think this can be true to counter the other competitors providing large screen smart phones in the market like HTC and Nokia. Apple has been using the same design and screen size since the first iPhone release in 2007.

The report came through Reuters claiming that the Maeil Business Newspaper is stating Apple has decided on a bigger 4.6-inch display for the next iPhone and has already started placing orders with its suppliers.

The Apple has shown its ability to provide the retina display in iPad 3 hence it will not be difficult for them to integrate the same technology on a larger iphone therefore these early reports may be representing the exact planning of the Apple for future iphone or these may be influencing their plans by analyzing the users/customers views and opinions on these kind of early reports.

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